All in One

All in One

All In One Music Original And Unique Trance Project Sense 2016 Of The Creators: Liran Kalifa and Yanir Ohana.

Liran Kalifa Living And Breathing Electronic Music Sense He Was A Kid He Began His Career At The Age Of 13 Already Began To Take Out Original Rhythms On Daw Softwares. At The Age Of 16 He Started On A New Journey As A Creator.

Yanir Ohana Began His Career At The Age Of 16, At The Age Of 23 He Flew To Australia For Four Years. Where He Began Appearing In Clubs And Parties. At The Age Of 27 He Returned To Israel And Continued To Create.

In 2016, Liran and Yanir Meet For The First Time And Decide To Create A New Project Called "All in One Music" And For The First Time They Began To Create Original And Unique Rhythms That Received Responses From All Over The World.

As of today, All In One Already Played All Over South America , Europe South Africa And More. the project has produced More Than 50 pieces with the hand still Full...

So why " All In One " We Believe That In Music Production You Don’t Need To Have A limit. We Can Create Everything That We Want (All Geners IN 1 Project) – JUST FOLLOW YOUR HEART - ♥