Estefano Haze

Søndag @ Goa Stage

Estefano Haze

Estefano Haze is a Scandinavian producer from Aarhus, Denmark. Estefano has been loving, listening, creating and producing music since he was a young child. In his youth he would spend endless hours playing blues and rock music on guitar, piano and drums.

It was at a chance meeting at an underground rave with a DJ/Producer that sparked his interest in this alternative world of electronic music production. The artist was travelling all around Europe whilst living and producing music in the back of his truck and Estefano was invited to observe the artist at work.

Estefano was instantly intrigued by these methods of composition using synthesizers, and begun to learn the basic building blocks of electronic music theory. Estefano was excited to embark on a new journey and into new possibilities and ways of expressing himself and pushing his imagination by making electronic music with his computer.

Estefano’s skills soon grew in this new way of working and his heart and soul lead his mind and fingers into producing the innovative, powerful, spiritual and driving genre of trance moreover progressive psy trance.
It wasn’t long until Estefano had honed his skills in this genre and was both creating and performing music through his aliases EstefanO Haze (progressive trance) and Drift Away (side project with Flowjob).

Estefano has been releasing on top labels in this field including: Iono music, Iboga, Blue tunes, Prog On Syndicate and Dynamite Recordings to name a few.

His style can be described as floating, progressive, morning grooves and is a style that definitely contains the memorable spirit and feel of Scandinavian Trance.

His productions quickly gained him respect from his peers and have seen him teaming up with other top trance producers such as Flowjob, Naturalize, Flexus, Multiphase and Novotech.

As well as an ever increasingly healthy amount of releases under his belt Estefano’s success has seen him performing at clubs and festivals all over Europe.

Estefano’s star is rising fast and he’s looking forward to bringing his sound to trancers all over the world.