Søndag @ Techno Stage


Invaria produces Indie dance music and love recordings. Their vision is to be consistent and passionate in all conditions. They want to create somet-
hing that is detached from time and space, something that will last beyond their lifetime.

The duo was formed in 2020 by Antoni and Vincent, both of whom have previously produced ​​ dance music, among other Genres. That‘s why this
combination is so special, as they blend two different backgrounds together while giving twice as many influences their place. A mixture that can-
not yet be defined.

The two natives of Hamburg and founders of the label Verflixt Music spend a lot of time in their studio together and process their experiences in a
playful and yet structured way. They sample household appliances such as their vacuum cleaner in their track „Fakula“ or the rustling of empties as
in their track „Kalidis“. This creates a warm, cheeky and honest sound.

The two travel almost every weekend to spread their sound, so follow them on social media and let yourself be surprised!