Fredag @ Goa Stage


Alex aka LX-D is a Psychedelic-Trance Liveact & DJ hailing from Bochum, Germany. Alex‘s sublime signature sound leans on melodies from the far East; which when combined with Oriental tones - transport the listener seamlessly back to the original spiritual home of psy-trance - Goa.

Freedom, equality and love are the core principles behind His powerful psy-trance which aims at uniting everybody in trance. Especially the love for the music becomes evident in the different styles that he successfully fuses for the dancefloor; with an impressive ability to read the crowd and then meticulously hand-picking the tracks for his energetic yet still hypnotising sets as he plays.

He already has a successful gig list under his belt, playing all over Europe at well respected festivals and Clubs including Antaris, Sonica, Psy-Fi, S.U.N., Wonderland, Samsara, Hai in den Mai, Indian Spirit, Transylvaliens, Green Vibrations, Gaggalacka, Goa Cream, Zuruck zu den Wurzeln, Bachblyten, Indian Spirit, Simsalaboom, Shining Festival, Shiva Spirit Festival, Mandala Festival, Audio Garden and Habitat Festival. 
Young & filled with enthusiasm; His projects are inspired by artists such as Man With No Name and Etnica, he adores the Goa Trance Classics from the legendary Dragonfly Records and is influenced heavily by them in his sets which incorporate a lot of the old school Goa Trance vibe, but in a modern jacket building bridges of sound . For LX-D it wasn’t just the music of the early Goa trance scene that resonated so passionately with him, but also the spirit - the feeling - the purity and raw emotion of this era; and this is paramount that drives Alex’s creativity.

He is making great waves amongst the psy-scene, recently making tracks with established Artists (e.g.) Virtual Light, Etnica, Southwild, Gaspard, Conwerter, Daksinamurti, Pantomiman and Liftshift with his new Live Act. He is also constantly compiling music for labels like IONO Music, Zero1 Music and Antaris Festival.

Furthermore he is working in management and organisation for festivals.