Will there be free tickets for guests with disabilities / accompanying persons?

For your festival visit, you will need a regular festival ticket regardless. There are no separate tickets for visitors with disabilities.

However, if you have a disability ID with the annotation "B", you can bring one companion free of charge. An extra ticket purchase for your companion is not necessary, but we kindly ask you to register them in advance via our email address [email protected]. Please provide us with the full name, address, and email address of your companion.

Additionally, before sending the guest list ticket for your companion, we require your ID card and your disability ID as a photo, also via email to our address [email protected]. Your personal details must be clearly identifiable on the photos, and the annotation "B" must be visible.

After verification, your companion will receive a free guest list ticket via email from us.

Note: The guest list ticket is only the festival ticket itself. Car and shuttle tickets are not included!