Sunday @ Techno Stage


The Hamburg-based artist Tommahawk is currently garnering increasing attention in the techno scene with her music. Her exhilarating sets, characterized by powerful basslines and dreamy melodies, always narrate a story that will take you on a musical journey.

Her artist name is a combination of her birth name "Tomma" and her nickname "Hawk" which symbolizes the love and freedom of techno for her and also provides her with the opportunity to be herself.

Due to her passion for electronic music, she has long been a familiar face on the dance floor. Fueled by her love for music, she found her way to the DJ booth, where her dedication and musical talent didn't go unnoticed for long. In a very short time, she not only turned the most popular clubs in Hamburg, Berlin, and all over Germany upside down, but also secured international gigs at E1 London and in Luxembourg.

With her characteristically dark and driving sound, she takes the dancers on a musical journey, bringing them closer to the power and freedom of a flying hawk.