FAQs are not updated for 2025!

Welcome to our FAQ page! Here you'll find answers to frequently asked questions about our festival. If you don't find a suitable answer, feel free to use our contact form . Our team is here to assist you.

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Opening hours, schedules and music times
What are the music times of the music area?
Thursday  18:0002:00
What are the entry times for day guests to the infield?

Approx. 4:00 pm to approx. 7:00 am (Friday)

Approx. 7:30 am to approx. 7:00 am (Saturday)

Approx. 7:30 am to approx. 7:00 am (Sunday)

Approx. 7:30 am to approx. 9:00 pm

Please check for last-minute changes.
Infield includes food, shops, and music areas.

When does the campsite open?

Thursday 12:00 to Monday 12:00
(Access only with Camping Ticket)

What are the weekend ticket opening hours (Sat–Sun ticket)?

With the "Weekend Ticket Saturday + Sunday" you can check in on Saturday from around 7am and stay until the end of the entire festival.

When does the food and shop area open?

Thursday 16:00 to Sunday 21:00
The area is cleared daily at 07:00 for a maximum of 30 minutes.

What are the bus shuttle times between the train station and the festival?

Wrist StationDay Parking at Festival

11:20 to 03:00

12:20 to 22:20
02:00 to 06:00 (Saturday)

12:20 to 22:20
02:00 to 06:00 (Sunday)

09:20 to 21:00

  • Times marked as 20 past are the first departure times from the station.
  • Times marked as full hours are the first or last departure times from the festival.
  • Our shuttle bus operates approximately hourly.

⚠️ Upon your arrival: Head south to the entrance. Strictly follow the narrowing to the left, leading you to the end of the ticket queue!

Link to map section with route: LINK

Future changes possible, please check again before arrival!

Ticket informationen
Can I return my tickets?
How can I safely resell my ticket(s)?

It is important to us that you can resell your tickets safely and easily. That's why we have partnered with Ticketswap. Ticketswap allows you to resell your tickets simply and securely. They handle the payment process and ticket transfer, issuing a new ticket for maximum security. This way, you can focus on enjoying the event without worrying about ticket sales.

  • Tickets can be safely resold
  • Ticketswap handles the payment process
  • Maximum security is ensured


What exactly is personalising or transferring a ticket?

The options “Personalize” or “Transfer” are available on your ticket page.
You will find the link to the ticket page in the regular ticket email that you receive after a purchase or transfer.

With the Personalize option, you can personalize the ticket to a first and last name.
And with Transfer you can send the ticket to another e-mail address / person.

Will there be free tickets for guests with disabilities / accompanying persons?

For your festival visit, you will need a regular festival ticket regardless. There are no separate tickets for visitors with disabilities.

However, if you have a disability ID with the annotation "B", you can bring one companion free of charge. An extra ticket purchase for your companion is not necessary, but we kindly ask you to register them in advance via our email address [email protected]. Please provide us with the full name, address, and email address of your companion.

Additionally, before sending the guest list ticket for your companion, we require your ID card and your disability ID as a photo, also via email to our address [email protected]. Your personal details must be clearly identifiable on the photos, and the annotation "B" must be visible.

After verification, your companion will receive a free guest list ticket via email from us.

Note: The guest list ticket is only the festival ticket itself. Car and shuttle tickets are not included!

At what age can I participate in the festival?

Our festival is strictly for individuals aged 18 and above!

Parental consent forms and/or being accompanied by legal guardians will not be accepted.

Are there toilets on the field?

There will be plenty of portable toilet cabins available throughout the entire festival grounds.

Additionally, for camping guests, there will be regular flush toilets available in a toilet trailer located in the sanitary area.

Permitted vehicles

Vehicles with a maximum weight of 3.5 tons are permitted. Caravans, motorhomes, and cars with trailers are exempt from this restriction. Vehicles longer than 8 meters or trucks are not allowed on the campsite.

An additional Car Pass is required for a caravan/trailer/motorhomes!

Where can I park my car?

Cars usually come with us onto the camping grounds. Please note that you need a car pass to bring your car onto the camping grounds.

You can obtain this either at the evening box office or at a slightly discounted rate through our online pre-sale.

If you only plan to stay for a short time and do not want to camp on the premises, you can leave your car in our day parking area for the duration.

Are there medical personnel available?

Don't worry, the German Red Cross is on-site with an appropriate level of personnel.

If you notice someone not feeling well, please offer your assistance first and then inform our security or bar staff, or directly approach our medical personnel if they are nearby. Always keep an eye on your friends and yourself.

Please also contribute to preventing emergencies by staying hydrated, protecting yourself from the sun, and remembering any necessary medications you may need in advance.

Is the consumption of cannabis allowed at the festival?

Yes, the consumption of cannabis is allowed at the festival. Since the legalization in Germany, consuming cannabis at festivals is permitted.

Please note when traveling to the festival that you do not exceed the legally permissible amount of cannabis in case you encounter a routine traffic check.

Is the festival accessible for people with disabilities?

The festival takes place on agricultural permanent green spaces, where there are no steps or other obstacles. There are no paved paths here.

There will be an accessible toilet cabin on both the camping and festival grounds, each marked with specific signage.

Is there a supermarket or other shopping facilities nearby?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any shopping facilities directly on our premises.

The nearest supermarkets are in Wrist: Edeka and in Kellinghusen: Aldi, Edeka and Lidl.

Edeka Meyer in Wrist is within walking distance of Wrist railway station - which is served by our shuttle bus.

What is prohibited at the festival?

Generally prohibited on the premises:
Open flames, torches, pyrotechnics, weapons of any kind, and all other dangerous items.
Please also leave your pets at home. In our opinion, a music festival is not the right place for dogs, cats, mice, and other pets. They will thank you for it.

Also please leave at home:
Racism, homophobia, and all other forms of discrimination as well as illegal drugs.

Where do I go if I have a question?

Die zentrale Anlaufstelle ist der Einlass bei uns.

Du findest jedoch bei jedem von uns ein offenes Ohr. Sei es bei der Security, an den Bars oder bei unseren Helfern und der Crew. Jeder hilft dir, wo er kann.

Where do I leave my valuables?

It's better to keep your valuables with you at all times or in your car.

It's best to leave the really expensive stuff at home. It's also a good idea to keep an eye on your neighbors. If everyone does that, a lot is already being done.

Am I allowed to consume drugs at the festival?

Anything that is known to be illegal according to the law cannot be tolerated on our premises. Selling or consuming illegal substances may result in expulsion from the premises.

Am I allowed to take photos/videos?

For personal use, you are of course allowed to take some photos and videos here and there. However, please try to avoid capturing the entire festival in pictures and videos. It disrupts your fellow attendees and harms the atmosphere.

Please respect it if other guests feel disturbed by your recordings.

Official photography and filming are already taking place on the festival grounds, and in much better quality. Our team is constantly present to capture you and your friends properly and collect ample photo and video material, which we will later publish.

By attending the event, you acknowledge this and grant permission for the use of photos and videos. If you happen to appear in a photo and do not wish for it to be used, just let us know promptly.

Are animals allowed?

Please leave your pets at home. A music festival, in our opinion, is not the suitable place for dogs, cats, mice, and the like. They will thank you for it!

Do I get a new festival wristband if I lose mine?

If lost, unfortunately, we cannot provide a free replacement for your wristband due to the difficulty in tracing, so you will need to purchase entry again in this case. Please take good care of your wristband.

Your wristband is non-transferable to other individuals, so please do not pass it on to your friends.

We will conduct occasional checks of your wristband within our premises.

I lost my stuff, where can I ask? (Lost & Found)

Lost items are collected at the entrance.

After the festival: Use our contact form.

What happens in case of storms and severe weather?

Please always follow the instructions of our staff. The safest place in such situations is your car. If the party is temporarily interrupted, return to your camps and avoid trees or larger structures.

Who is liable for damages?

Auf dem Festival haftet jeder selbst für die von ihm verursachten Schäden. Und hier noch einmal ausführlich in Juristendeutsch:
Wir haften nicht für Schäden, die im Rahmen von Aufführungen entstehen. Als Veranstalter ist unsere Haftung für eigenes und fremdes Handeln grundsätzlich auf die Fälle des Vorsatzes und der groben Fahrlässigkeit beschränkt. Unberührt hiervon bleibt die Haftung des Veranstalters für anfängliche Unmöglichkeit und die Verletzung vertragswesentlicher Pflichten (sog. Kardinalspflichten), sowie die Haftung für Schäden aus der Verletzung des Lebens, des Körpers oder der Gesundheit, die auf einer fahrlässigen Pflichtverletzung des Veranstalters, eines gesetzlichen Vertreters oder Erfüllungsgehilfen beruhen.

Festival Infield
What is the infield?

We distinguish between the camping area and the infield. The infield is further divided into the food and music areas.

The camping area is for our guests with a camping ticket. Day guests do not have access to the camping area.

All our guests have access to the infield.

What is not allowed in the infield? (Music & Food Area)

According to the guidelines of the local authorities, the following items are not allowed in the infield:

  • No chairs or similar items
  • No tents or similar items
  • No backpacks, bags larger than DIN A4 size

A blanket would be an alternative for seating.

Am I allowed to bring my own food and drinks into the infield?

Bringing food and drinks into the infield is prohibited.

One (1) sealed plastic water bottle is allowed for personal consumption.

Glass bottles are prohibited in the infield.

Day vistors
Important information regarding bags and backpacks

Please note: According to the guidelines of the local authorities, only backpacks with a maximum size of A4 are allowed in the infield. Larger bags or backpacks are not permitted.

If you have friends on the camping grounds, they may be able to hold larger bags or backpacks for you.

In case of extreme necessity, a limited cloakroom is available for use for a small fee.

Do I have access to the camping area as a day guest?

No, day guests don't have access to the camping site, only to the infield (music, shop, food area).

Do I need a car pass?

A car pass is required for each vehicle intending to enter the camping area.
An additional Car Pass is required for a caravan/trailer!

You can obtain this either at the evening box office or at a slightly through our online pre-sale.

Am I allowed to barbecue at the campsite? What about campfires?

Barbecuing is allowed on our premises as long as it's done in a proper, at least half-closed grill with a stable shell. Campfires of any kind are strictly prohibited.

A barbecue ban may be imposed at any time due to heat/dryness conditions.

Are there showers and flush toilets available?

In our dedicated sanitary area at the camping site, there are hot showers available in a shower trailer and regular flush toilets in a toilet trailer.

Unlimited access to our shower and toilet containers is possible with our Sani-Flat - available online or on-site.
Alternatively, there is also the option to use the area for a fee.

In addition, there are of course free cubicle toilets spread across the entire site (infield and campers).

Bulky waste deposit (cash only)

We charge a deposit of €50 (in cash) for each bulky item, and you will receive a deposit receipt.

Upon departure, when you take the bulky item with you and return the deposit receipt, you will receive your money back.

Return times:
Sunday 10:00 - 22:00

Maximum tent sizes

Only commercially available tents are allowed, suitable for the number of people and providing space for up to 6 persons. Team or firefighter tents may only be used if they require less space than commercially available tents and pavilions.

Groups of up to 9 people may set up a 3m x 3m pavilion. For groups of 10 or more people, two 3m x 3m pavilions are allowed, and for groups of 15 or more people, a maximum of three 3m x 3m pavilions are allowed.

It is not permitted to construct stages, bouncy castles, flagpoles, observation towers, trampolines, or similar objects as they pose a safety risk.

Power generators

There is no power supply available at the campsite. However, if you wish to use a generator, you must ensure that you have a 6kg ABC powder fire extinguisher, which is regularly inspected every two years. Otherwise, operating the generator is strictly prohibited and will be monitored by the authorities. Please make sure to bring a small, quiet generator with adequate power for your group size.

However, it is not allowed to use car batteries or homemade additional batteries.

Sound systems on the camping ground

The use of professional sound systems is not permitted. Speakers such as Soundboks, Teufel Rockster, and similar ones are limited to a maximum of one per group. The staff may make individual decisions in specific cases.

Please be considerate of your camp neighbors.

Waste deposit (cash only)

At the entrance, you will receive a garbage bag with a deposit token for €10 (in cash) and a pocket ashtray.

Before leaving the premises, you can return the garbage bag to the waste containers, and in exchange for the deposit token, you will receive the €10 back. The garbage bag must be at least 3/4 full.

Return times:
Sunday 10:00 - 22:00