Festival Sunday

Experience a very special atmosphere on Festival Sunday when Love Explosion opens its gates to invite you to an unforgettable day. From around 10:00 to 19:30 in the evening, the program extends over a full nine and a half hours on two stunning stages.

Celebrate in sunshine and with cool drinks the climax of the weekend and create memories that will last a lifetime!

Techno Brunch

Start your Sunday morning at the Techno Stage with our unique Techno Brunch, while the sun slowly rises over the venue and illuminates the dance floor with its warm rays. Enjoy the delicious sounds of artists like Konfusia, Lampé, Tommahawk, Invaria, and SKADI, who will accompany you throughout the day with their energetic sets.

Proggy Sunday

Spend your Sunday at the Goa Stage and experience our unique Proggy Sunday. Outstanding artists await you on the stage, including the international headliner Ranji, Estefano Haze, C.U.L.T., Grace, and Morten Heuer, who will provide unforgettable festival moments with their unique sets.